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My File Storage

What is My File Storage?
My File Storage offers safe access, file synch and share in a solution hosted on a simple, complete and secure cloud.

End users can work on the files they need irrespective of where they are, or of the devices they are using - smartphone, tablet, laptop 
or PC.
Designed exclusively for Service Providers: easy to sell, customisable to generate and grow revenue quickly.

Fast time-to-market
My File Storage is the FSS (File Sync and Share) solution hosted and developed to meet the needs of the fend users, guaranteeing data security and control of the demand from their organisation.

My File Storage has the following advantages:
  • Fast to implement
  • Simple to use and easy to manage
  • Tested and reliable technology developed by the leading supplier of data protection
  • Ready to be connected to Odin business automation systems My File Storage helps to avoid loss of turnover of FSS cloud “consumer” range suppliers, offering a more competitive service.
My File Storage offers a pay per use business model, with no access costs, that enables you to focus solely on customer acquisition and margins.

Interfaces and connections

“Key” features for Service Providers
  • Multi-tenancy environment
  • Multi-tiering service
  • Service Management Panel
  • Branding can be customised 
  • APS 2.0 support 
  • Reporting on consumption for invoicing systems
  • Meets the strictest RAS (Reliability, Availability and Servicing) requirements 
  • API available to integrate with third party or in-house Management Panels
In addition:
  • it helps to prevent loss of turnover of FSS cloud “consumer” range suppliers, offering a more competitive service;
  • it offers a pay per use business model, with no access costs, that enables you to focus solely on customer acquisition and margins;
  • it is developed to keep things simple: easy for customers to use and simple for your team to sell and support. As service provider, you only need to have your employees attend a 60-90 minute sales training session, and a two-hour session in which they will be trained how to install, customise and manage the service. 

Access, synchronisation and sharing of functions
  • A complete solution to access, synchronise and share, in a simple way, which guarantees control and security of business files, with an advantageous subscription cost
  • Complete support for BYOD, enabling mobile users to securely access work files from their devices
  • Users can create, modify and share content safely, using mobile devices, PCs, Macs and web browsers
  • Secure data storage in the user’s private infrastructure, ensuring full data control to your organisation and customers
  • Secure creation and modification of Microsoft Office documents, and commenting on PDF files, inside the My File Storage, transforming your mobile devices into a secure company platform
Functionalities for service providers
  • Multi-level and multi-tenant application that guarantees isolation of security and performance between tenants;
  • It is installed in the user’s private infrastructure, guaranteeing full data control to your organisation and customers.
  • It offers complete security, including a strong authentication and FIPS 140-2 certified cryptography system, over-the-air and on a device, which sets it apart from the solution for private customers.
  • The service can be customised to meet the business needs of customers, for example, the style and content of e-mail notifications and other elements of interaction with the final customer.
  • Simple web-based management console for service administrators to distribute new hosts and instances, control the status of the hosts and companies being provisioned, and the display of warnings and logs
  • Simple integration and automation, using API for connection to company automation systems, including Odin (previously known as Parallels), APS Automation and other invoicing and provisioning systems
  • It meets strict reliability, availability and ease of maintenance requirements, to reduce system errors to a minimum, guarantee high availability and make the best use of resources
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