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Acronis Backup Cloud

Reliable solutions for backup and restore specifically designed for medium enterprises

It protects all the critical systems of a business, be they physical, virtual or cloud-based, with a single efficient solution for business backup managed through a single intuitive console.
Developed specifically for medium sized business environments, Acronis Backup Advanced offers the best data protection and rapid and flexible emergency restoration for all the systems, however complex, that are present in the environment.

•    A complete backup solution that supports any type of system: virtual machines, physical servers, applications, workstations and much more.
•    An exclusive backup technology that acquires a whole system, physical or virtual, in a single fast step
•    Ultrafast restore ensures to resume operational effectiveness in a few minutes rather than hours.
•    Flexible data recovery allows to restore  everything, from a single file to a whole server
•    Universal Restore technology enables to restore the whole system on any workstation, even on new or different hardware
•    Support for multiple destinations allows to store the data backup wherever you want (including on the  Acronis cloud)
•    Smart backup functions considerably reduce network consumption and storage costs.


Create your ideal backup solution

Supported by Acronis AnyData™ technology, Acronis Backup Advanced is able to protect any data, in any environment, on any workstation. It protects Windows and Linux physical servers,  VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, RHEV, KVM and Oracle VM virtual servers, as well as Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, and Active Directory, even if these systems are off-site. Irrespective of the configuration, Acronis Backup Advanced protects everything that needs to be protected, now and forever!

Simplified management
Acronis Backup Advanced allows users to manage and monitor all the backup activities of the whole environment, through a single centralised control console that offers a rapid overview of all backups, and thus reduces the management work.

Hardware faults are no longer a problem
Universal Restore technology enables to restore the whole system on new or different hardware, without complexity. To avoid having to identify a machine of the same model/manufacturer or operating system, just recover the whole image from the disk on any hardware with just a few clicks.

Key features

Universal Restore. Now included in all Acronis Backup products, this exclusive data recovery technology offers the possibility of instantaneously restoring backups on any machine, irrespective of the platform. Now you can recover files, configurations, applications or a whole system on the same hardware, different hardware or a virtual server, and all in just a few simple clicks of a mouse!  

Disk image technology. Disk level snapshots save complete images of a disk or volume in just one simple step (including operating system, applications and data). This is a technology that works for both physical and virtual machines.

Centralised management. The unified centralised dashboard allows to manage all backup operations for physical and virtual machines from a single centralised workstation. Define and assign backup plans for one or more machines, review status updates and receive warnings from a single console.

Protection of company applications. The patented disk image technology enables to generate consistent backup of the applications being executed. So you can backup Microsoft Exchange, EQL Server, SharePoint and Active Directory data at any time. The granular recovery of the elements avoids disconnecting systems, thus eliminating costly periods of downtime for the company.

Compression and de-duplication. Reduces costs and data movements, uses network and storage infrastructure efficiently, with de-duplication functions at origin and at destination and compression.

Destinations of multiple backups. Store backups in a maximum of 5 different workstations, locally or in the cloud, to guarantee more flexible and reliable recovery. Combine local disks, connected storage resources, tape, network storage and/or cloud positions to reduce storage costs and make use of many recovery options in case of emergency.

Acronis Backup to Cloud. Acronis Backup Advanced allows you to access a protected off-site storage system, in the Acronis cloud. Just add a subscription to your purchase, to strengthen the backup plan and adopt hybrid data protection, locally and in the cloud.


Use Case 

Simplifying Server
Workload Migration

Replacing a physical server, or migrating physical machines in a virtual environment can prove to be complex. Acronis technology, based on image backup, allows you to rapidly restore the image of a server on another server. The same technology enables you to migrate the images of physical machines on different hypervisors, including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, Oracle VM or RHEV/KVM. You can also migrate the virtual machines from one hypervisor to another, from physical to virtual and virtual to physical.

Data Protection
In a new generation virtual and physical environment

Generally, in today’s companies, there are mixed environments with coexisting physical and virtual servers, Windows and Linux machines, and many business critical applications carried out in both virtual and physical environments. Acronis Backup Advanced offers IT professionals the functionalities to manage all the systems in a unified way, thanks to the centralised and easy to use management console.

Emergency restore
Use scenarios

At today’s pace, businesses cannot afford to waste time in restoring systems that are critical for business continuity, to lose data. Applications should always be available: in fact, downtimes have immediate negative repercussions on the business. Acronis Backup Advanced reduces the costs, ensuring that restoration is as fast as possible.

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