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Our profile

Telecom Italia National Wholesale Services is the principal Italian supplier of telecommunications services to Operators and Service Providers. We have been present on the wholesale market for over ten years offering complete and reliable new generation fixed line, mobile and satellite communications services to the regulated and unregulated market, both nationally and internationally.
Our customers are National fixed telephony operators, Mobile operators, Fixed/mobile integrated operators, Internet Service Providers, Satellite Operators with the appropriate authorization certificate in the field of Networks and Telecommunications, issued by the Ministry of Economic Development.

We offer them products and services always in step with technological innovations and meeting their needs thanks to a group of qualified and expert professionals, capable of designing customized solutions. We make available to our customers the Telecom Italia experience in development and management of the networks and the systems, the operating structures, and the innovation capacity.

Our aim is to become reference partner for our Customers, to make their business grow, to play a key role in the digitization of the country.
Our offer ranges from Broadband services to Ethernet Connectivity and Optical Connectivity services, from voice and data services to interconnect services, from the use of infrastructures to satellite services.

The goal of the wholesale offer is to become enablers of the offers to the end market made by our Customers, who are left completely free to use their brand and their direct relationship with their end Customers.

The business model enabled by our services is of three types:

  • Business-to-Business (B2B): our services are used by our Customers for internal use;
  • Business-to-Business-to-Customer (B2B2C): our services enable the offers made by our Digital Service Provider Customers to their own consumer end-customers; 
  • Business-to-Business-to-Business (B2B2B): our services enable the offers made by our Digital Service Provider Customers to their own business end-Customers.

Our core values are transparency in the relationships with our Customers, equal treatment and confidentiality of data.

Our capabilities include Customer Care from the first stages of entry into this new market environment.