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Published on 22/10/2014

Smart Metering & More, Telecom Italia's point of view AEEG (Electricity and Gas Regulator), promoting the testing of “multi-service” pilot projects and the compulsory nature of the telemetry system of “smart” gas meters, has created the conditions to develop a “consumption” data collection network for cities, inviting the new players in the ICT world to create applications that make them “smart”.

In the logic of the sustainability of cities, implementing Smart Metering solutions that make consumption data available to end users and energy distributors, represents a fundamental requisite for achieving the goal of waste reduction and a significant step for the development of Smart Cities.  

AEEG has perfectly understood the strategic importance of the “multi-service” communication infrastructure – in which the gas metering network is also used for the telemanagement of other types of utilities (water, heat, energy) – defining and attributing a significant role to the Third Operator (“Third Carrier” and “Third Agent”), normally identified as a Telecommunications operator. 

Telecom Italia, as an integrated, fixed and mobile ICT operator in Italy, by exploiting the coverage of its assets it is capable of planning, implementing and managing both the physical transmission infrastructure – based on 169 MHZ wireless solutions – for the collection of metering data and of supporting turnkey solutions for mono-service and multi-service smart metering.

GARTNER REF: the Magic Quadrant for metering data management products according to Gartner

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