The home is no longer “immovable property” in the sense of a “static environment”: in fact, thanks to the advent of the Internet of Things it is gradually assuming a hi-tech semblance insofar as it is increasingly becoming a hub of communication and the exchange of data with smart devices.

The home of the future is surely a smart home as it will be interconnected – inside and out – and upgradable at any time; digitalization and the smartness of all devices will mean they can be managed with a click or voice command using a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The connected home “is alive” even in the absence of people insofar as the objects (household appliances, air coolers air conditioners, heating technology... and, more generally, all devices that can be associated with an IP address), which are increasingly “smart”, programmable and manageable even remotely, are capable of performing increasingly autonomous functions and have become an integral part of the Internet network.

As Gartner research shows, we are witnessing a paradigm change as the connected home is changing how we interact with technology in the domestic environment.

Telecom Italia proposes an innovative connected home solution developed in collaboration with other research companies and institutes. The aim is to integrate and standardize, at European level, the protocol and data model to represent the functionality of all devices of the home ecosystem. This ecosystem also includes the electric car (as regards the functions of charging at home), heat pumps, temporary electricity accumulation systems and the remote control functions of household appliances and security systems.

ref. Gartner : Market trend, the integrated approach will be the winning choice for the “connected home”.

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