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Electronic Invoicing

Electronic invoicing in one click
With the purchase of at least one vertical cloud solution (all cloud services: MyFileStorage, Back up, Go Mobi, etc), you get free access to the management of 50 electronic invoices, in accordance with the law, with the following features:
•    Portal to enter invoices from the WEB (Olivetti look&feel) to the EDI, or to upload legally compliant single invoices in XML format.
•    Handling of a maximum of 50 invoices per year included in the basic subscription charge, issued by one single VAT registration number
•    Management dashboard to view the invoices issued, their status, and messages received from the EDI with access credentials for one user
•    Invoices signed with Olivetti Certification
•    Substitute archiving, for the contract duration, of the invoices issued up until the duration provided by law
•    Activation from the WEB portal (for both own use and allocable to the end user), the set-up and reporting costs for the first year will be reduced to zero.

Subscription end date: 15/09/2016