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The benefits of the digital world Digital services are used by customers through data connectivity for access to internet or to connect different premises.
The most important new development of these services lies in the fact that while previously the applications resided within single locations, they are now accessible from various sites, and by various users and devices, in a simple and fast manner.
Digital change is so fast that companies always need to purchase applications from those now easily available on the web or in the datacenters of external providers.
From small shops, up to small to medium-sized companies with 10-20 employees, applications are often purchased for in-house IT management, personnel administration, communications, e-commerce, billing, distribution of contents and software.
In this context, telecommunications operators who supply broadband and internet access services for the necessary connectivity, has an opportunity to increase the loyalty of the customer company, by adding these applications to their conventional offer, thus reducing for their customers the cost of developing infrastructures, recruiting and training specialised personnel, dealing the process of purchase and selection of new applications, and ensuring that they are suitably updated.
The operator's brand, already known for quality, professional expertise and security, works in their favour to attract end customers to this new proposal.
The benefits for telecommunications operators on the market are therefore obvious, are highlighted by various industry analysts (¹) and can be summarised as:

  • Strengthening their relations with their customers;
  • Upselling of new services on traditional offers;
  • Possibility of increasing business that is currently not very well explored by telecommunications operators;
  • Reduction of costs, with specific investments only on the part of the services effectively used (opex), without the need to invest in development of assets (capex).
Before making this business proposal, operators must be able to count on a reliable, innovative, transparent and stable business partner, exactly the role that Telecom Italia National Wholesale Services proposes for itself, in the values that are included in its business proposal.
(¹) e.g.: Ovum “The Telco SME Cloud Computing Opportunity”, 28 January 2014